INIKA Pencil and Crayon Double Sharpener

INIKA Pencil and Crayon Double Sharpener

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INIKA Pencil and Crayon Double Sharpener

A multi-use double makeup pencil sharpener designed to fit all INIKA Organic Eyeliners, Brow Pencils, Lip Pencils and Crayons. The INIKA Organic Double Pencil Sharpener features two blades that sharpen with absolute precision, making it the ultimate makeup kit essential.

Keep your makeup in peak condition with this handy, compact dual sharpener with two different size openings suitable for all pencils and crayons. With just a quick twist using your Double Pencil Sharpener, your pencil will be perfectly sharp.
All INIKA brushes and accessories are Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Perfect addition for your handbag.

Precise sharp blade for soft or sharp tip. 

Simple to use - Insert INIKA Pencil or Crayon and turn gently for a sharp or round finish. 

Made in Germany