Éminence Organic Kombucha Microbiome Foaming Cleanser 150ml

Éminence Organic Kombucha Microbiome Foaming Cleanser 150ml

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Éminence Organic Kombucha Microbiome Foaming Cleanser

Size: 150ml

Refresh and purify skin to reveal a healthy-looking glow.

Crafted with targeted micellar technology, this liquid-to-foam cleanser gently removes impurities without over-stripping moisture from the skin.

Kombucha, ginger, white tea and jasmine work in unison to refresh and balance the microbiome and look of the skin without compromising the moisture barrier.

Suitable for all skin types


How to get the very best results - 

Pump a small amount of product to transform the liquid into a lightweight foam. Apply to skin and massage gently with fingertips in a circular motion covering the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


The Organic Ingredients within -  

  • Micelles: Aggregate of mild surfactants gently trap and lift oil, dirt and debris from the skin without drying.
  • Kombucha Ferment (Postbiotic): Derived from fermenting black tea, this superfood is rich in postbiotics and nourishes the skin microbiota, enhancing the look of skin smoothness, luminosity and clarity.
  • Probiotic (Lactococcus Ferment Lysate — does not contain live cultures): Supports and balances the skin microbiota, replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier to repair dry skin and maintain healthy-looking skin.
  • Prebiotic (Inulin): A substrate (fuel) that is utilised by host microorganisms, to support a balanced skin microbiome.
  • Jasmine Flower: Soothes and relieves redness caused by dry skin to bring out a soft, even skin tone.

The Results that you can expect 

  • Leaves the skin clean, refreshed and healthy-looking.
  • Introduces beneficial prebiotics, probiotics* and postbiotics that help maintain the skin’s microbiome.
  • Primes the skin to receive further treatment.

Eminence Organics is constantly innovating our product formulations to deliver the best results. 

*Products do not contain live probiotic cultures.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jackie Morrell
Love this cleanser

I use this cleanser every day in the shower on my face, neck and décolletage . It makes my skin feel soft and smooth so I’m confident to be makeup free if I want to be.
Love it

Thankyou Jackie!! So pleased you love this as much as I do. A rich, foaming cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft and not in any way dry.

Claire Bassett

A liquid in the bottle which turns into foam in your hand. Despite being super light, this cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed with no drying effect.
Not only that, it looks like it’s straight out of a tropical spa … lovely in my bathroom. 😍

Thank you for taking the time to leave your review it is a wonderful cleanser for balancing your skin. Foaming without drying! Love it!